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The Best of Cristiano Ronaldo7

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El corte en el dedo que molestó a Cristiano Ronaldo | Real Madrid 4-0 Osasuna 2014

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Many Managers and Players waiting for next Football World Cup

2018 is being viewed as a year that many managers and players are waiting to arrive and one of the main reasons of this is because of the upcoming World Cup which is scheduled to take place in Russia.

The World Cup is the perfect stage for players to prove their worth at the big stage as they play against some of the best teams in the world. The Colombian James Rodriguez made such a huge impact and impressive string of performances during the 2014 World Cup that Real Madrid was willing to offload €80 million in order to sign him and this was almost solely due to how the young attacker performed for his country in that tournament.

More players want to show what they are capable of doing as they want to not only help out their country but also sign for a big club which is what happened with James Rodriguez.

There is another reason on why managers and even certain players are hoping that 2018 arrives and this is because that’s the year when C.Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid finalizes and the Portuguese attacker is already being rumored on making a move to a few clubs including: Manchester United, Manchester City and even the MLS.

cristiano ronaldo(REAL MADRID) le hace una llave al pato araujo (CHIVAS)

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Cristiano ronaldo7 2008-2009 new

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Cristiano Ronaldo normal start this New Year

It hasn’t even been 45 days since the year 2015 has kicked off and so far it has been a mixed start of the year for Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo as he received his 3rdBallon d’Or trophy but a string of negative events have occurred in his life inside and outside of the pitch.

During the 2014 Ballon d’Or coronation, Cristiano Ronaldo was with his son which is different than what occurred last year when the Portuguese star was accompanied by his Russian model girlfriend Irina Shayk. When the coronation was over, a few hours later it was revealed that Irina Shayk could not go to this important event for C.Ronaldo due to her work and rumors along with reports started to emerge in the world of the internet which claimed that Irina Shayk had stated that he work was more important.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid Party at LA

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Cristiano Ronaldo is role model for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has said that he wants to be as good as his Real Madrid partner, Cristiano Ronaldo and hopefully one day even manage on winning the Ballon d’Or trophy someday.

C.Ronaldo is the front-runner on winning the prestigious individual award and Bale is hoping that someday he can emulate the achievements that his partner has been making in recent years.

“Yes. If you don’t then you shouldn’t be playing football. For me, I want to win those type of trophies because it shows that you are doing well.But the main thing is I am improving all the time and trying to get to the level Cristiano is at. By seeing him in training and games then it gives me that platform to aim for, keep improving and hopefully one day I can get there.”

Gareth Bale as he said that he is eager and will try to do everything he can in order to get noticed at a worldwide level and win individual awards and recognition.

Bale displayed his support for C.Ronaldo in the challenge that the Portuguese star of Real Madrid has in his effort to defend and retain the Ballon d’Or silverware.

Gareth Bale did not make an instant splash with Real Madrid after he joined the Spanish club for a transfer fee of €94 million on September of 2013 but the Welshman has managed to prove his worth and now has turned into one of the key players for Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid. One of the highlights of his career in Spain so far has been the winning goal that he scored when playing against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and it was the goal that Bale scored which secured the title for Real Madrid. However, Bale stated that he wants to continue earning more titles and accolades with the Spanish club and accomplish things such as C.Ronaldo has been doing recently.

El hat-trick de Cristiano Ronaldo || Real Madrid || Temporada 2014-15

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